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Management of Fatigue Policy

Management of Fatigue

Finchpalm Limited policy is to comply fully and completely with the requirements of the Working Time Regulations (1998) (the Regulations) Horizontal Amendment Directive (2003), Network Rail Business Process Document NR/L2/ERG/003 – Management of Fatigue Control of Working Hours for Staff Undertaking Safety Critical Work, NR/GN/INI/001– Management of Door to Door and Travelling Time, Regulation 25 of the Railway and Other Guided Transport (Safety) Regulations 2006 (as amended) and LU Quensh Conditions. This policy is supported by Company Work Instruction WI 12.

These require that the fatigue of persons involved in safety critical operations will be managed to maintain the health and safety of persons at work and on the railway as follows:

Maximum number of turns of duty

No more than 13 turns of duty to be worked in any 14-day period.

Maximum hours worked

No more than 12 hours to be worked per turn of duty. No more than 72 hours to be worked per week.

Minimum rest periods

Minimum rest period of 12 hours between booking off from a turn of duty until booking on for the next turn of duty.

Exceeding working time limits

During times of emergency, to cover essential work only where no alternative arrangements can be made, the limits shown above may be exceeded if authorised by the responsible Manager/Supervisor.

In such instances the person authorising the exceedence must risk assess the situation and each individual required to work for suitability and fitness to work in excess of the pre-planned hours. Details of such assessment must be recorded on ‘Excess Hours Authorisation Sheet’ stating the actual times worked, and the reason the work exceedence was required.

The Regulations recognise that certain types of work cannot be easily carried out with the limits
on night work or the entitlements to rest breaks. Accordingly, the Regulations recognise that certain types of work must be exempt from these limits, subject to the workers being given compensatory rest.

These derogations (exemptions) will apply to workers who are involved in operational activities on Railway infrastructure which must be undertaken at specified times to enable trains to adhere to the timetable. This includes maintenance or renewal work activities carried out during a night time shift.

Operatives Responsibility

Operatives must inform Finchpalm Limited of any other work they may carry out for other Companies regardless of whether it is Railway related or otherwise.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually for its continued suitability and effectiveness or before if required by events.

John Murphy

September 2016

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