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Fraud Policy


Fraud policy

Finchpalm is committed to the promotion of a business culture and working environment that is based upon the prevention of fraud and the maintenance of sound corporate governance.

Finchpalm seeks to prevent the occurrence of fraud and is committed to maintaining the necessary procedures to detect and investigate all instances of suspected fraud.

For the purposes of this policy statement, fraud is defined as the use of deception with the intention of obtaining an advantage, avoiding an obligation or causing loss to another party. Without limitation, this policy refers to:

  • theft, the misappropriation or misuse of assets for personal benefit
  • bribery and corruption
  • blackmailor extortion
  • accepting or offering an inducement to or from a third party, which could be considered a kickback
  • false accounting and/or making fraudulent statements with a view to personal gain or gain for another,e.g.falsely claiming overtime, travel and subsistence,sick leave or special leave (with or without pay).
  • externally perpetrated fraud against an organisation

Finchpalm acknowledges its responsibility under competition law not to engage in any anti­ competitive arrangements (whether orally or in writing) where the intention or the effect is in some way to restrict,prevent or distort competition through collusive tendering in bid competitions

Prevention of fraud is achieved via:

  • the maintenance of and strict adherence to internal control procedures and levels of authority as laid out in Finchpalm procedures and work instructions
  • the requirement of staff at all times to act honestly and with integrity to safeguard the resources for which they are responsible
  • regular review of internal control procedures by senior management
  • external audit

All employees and workers have a shared responsibility for the deterrence and detection of fraud amongst the employees and workers of Finchpalm. Employees are required to raise any concerns they may have with their supervisor or senior manager. If this is inappropriate the report can be made to the Director.

Any such reports are treated in confidence and properly investigated.

Following an allegation of fraud:

  • matters will be dealt with promptly
  • evidence will be adequately supported and recorded
  • company disciplinary procedures will be implemented
  • where appropriate the police or other appropriate authorities will be notified Finchpalm will assist in any investigation and prosecution of suspected fraudsters.

John Murphy Director

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