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Control of Bribery and Corruption Policy

Control of Bribery and Corruption Policy

Finchpalm Limited promotes integrity throughout all aspects of business and is a core value of all work activities.

The Company expects all employees and those who work closely with us to behave with integrity at all times which includes a zero tolerance approach to corruption and bribery of any kind including any cash dealings.

This Policy assists with compliance with the Bribery Act 2010 which relates to both the public and private sector and is relevant to giving or receiving anything that may be interpreted as a bribe.

All Managers, staff and subcontractors shall immediately report any suspicions of bribery or corrupt practices to the managing Director who shall investigate and action as appropriate.

Training and awareness on control of bribery and corruptionshall be provided to staff and subcontractors during Company induction.

As Director I fully support the act and will provided sufficient resource to ensure that the Company remains in a position of compliance with the act.

This Policy forms part of all our Contracts with Clients, Suppliers and Sub-contractors or any third party.

The policy applies to all those working for or on behalf of Finchpalm Limited and we will only conduct business in accordance with the intent of this Policy and shall review this Policy on an annual basis or sooner in the event of legislation changes.

John Murphy, Director

September 2016

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